London Blue & Clear Topaz Gem Cube

Set of sparkling London Blue and Clear Topaz rounds from Brazil. Calibrated and ready to be set! 

Brazil is one of the world's top producers of Topaz, and its gemstones are known for their clarity and brilliance.

London Blue Topaz is favored for its captivating and luxurious appearance. Clear Topaz is admired for its brilliance and versatility, as its colorless nature allows it to easily complement and enhance other gemstones in jewelry designs. 

When designing jewelry with London Blue and Clear Topaz rounds, the contrast between the deep blue and colorless stones can create an eye-catching and sophisticated effect. These gemstones work well in a range of jewelry styles, from classic to contemporary.

28 pieces / 3.71 total carats / 3 mm

Estimated Value: $60 - $75

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