Auction Rules

Welcome to Gem Dragon Auctions. We’re happy you are here.


1. You need to register to place bids. Please click on this link to register:

2. Bids cannot be edited once placed, so please take extra care when entering your bid. If a mistake is made, please contact us directly at so we can cancel the bid for you. Please remember we’re US-based when awaiting a reply.

3. Bids will always be in whole dollars so decimal points are not necessary when entering a bid. For example, when placing a bid for $32.00, just enter $32. 

4. Proxy bidding is a convenient and secure feature offered by Gem Dragon Auctions. It allows users to participate in auctions without being present in real-time. By placing a maximum bid on a desired item, our proxy bidding system automatically increases your bid incrementally, up to your specified maximum.  If someone outbids you, the system will continue to place bids on your behalf until your maximum bid is reached. 

5. You’ll receive an email for every successful bid placed. Additionally, you’ll receive an email if you’ve been outbid. An invoice will be emailed to the winning bidder at the conclusion of each auction. Payment is due within 7 days of auction closing. Failure to pay within 7 days may result in account being suspended

6. Winning bids don’t include shipping charges. See shipping charges under 'Shipping' at the bottom of the home page. 

Good luck and have fun!


 From: To: Increment:
$0 $10 $1
$10 $30 $5
$30 $200 $10
$200 $500 $25
$500 $1000 $50
$1000 $5000 $100
$5000 $10000 $250