Webbed Variscite Cabochon

Beautiful Webbed Variscite cabochon from Australia. Exceptional webbing brought out by masterful cutting 

Variscite is a rare and highly prized gemstone known for its unique webbed or matrix-like patterns that add a captivating and organic touch to its appearance. As cabochons the intricate webbed patterns of the gemstone are prominently displayed. It also maximizes the gemstone's luster and color play, resulting in an eye-catching pair perfect for earrings.

Australia is renowned for its exceptional Variscite deposits, and the Webbed Variscite sourced from this region is highly regarded. Australian Variscite is known for its vibrant green color and intriguing webbed patterns, making it a popular choice among gemstone enthusiasts and collectors.

 6.705 carats / 15.3 x 11.7 x 5.4 mm

Estimated Value: $80 - $85

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