GIA Certified - Ilakaka Sapphire

This exquisite sapphire, hailing from Ilakaka, Madagascar, showcases a captivating blend of blue and purple tones. It boasts an octagonal shape with a meticulously crafted modified brilliant cut, exuding an air of sophistication. The gem comes complete with a GIA Certificate, ensuring its authenticity and quality.

Ilakaka Sapphires from Madagascar have garnered widespread acclaim within the gemstone industry. Situated in the southern region of Madagascar, the small village of Ilakaka is renowned for its abundant sapphire deposits. These sapphires exhibit a diverse array of colors, ranging from blue, pink, and yellow to green and purple. Their exceptional clarity and transparency further enhance their allure. Notably, they often display vibrant and intense colors, rendering them highly coveted by gemstone enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The mining of Ilakaka Sapphires primarily involves small-scale artisanal miners. Given the artisanal nature of the mining process, the availability of Ilakaka Sapphires can fluctuate, and each gem possesses its own unique characteristics. Ilakaka has, indeed, become synonymous with top-tier sapphires of exceptional quality.

3.11 carats / 8.11 x 8.05 x 5.93 mm / no heat

$3750 - $3850

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