Montana Sapphires

Unheated Rock Creek Montana Sapphires are a special variety of sapphires sourced from the Rock Creek deposit in Montana, USA. What sets these apart is that they have not undergone any heat treatment, which is a common practice in the gemstone industry to enhance color and clarity.

It is important to note that unheated Montana Sapphires may exhibit slight silk. Silk refers to the presence of microscopic needle-like inclusions, usually made of rutile, within the gemstone. This natural occurrence can create a soft, silky appearance when viewed under certain lighting conditions.

While silk is a typical characteristic of unheated Montana Sapphires, it is worth mentioning that in many cases, sapphires are heated to remove or minimize the silk and enhance their overall appearance. Heat treatment can help improve the clarity and color consistency of the gemstones, resulting in a more uniform and desirable appearance.

The choice between heated and unheated sapphires depends on personal preference. Many individuals value the natural and untreated nature of unheated gems, appreciating the unique inclusions and characteristics they possess. 

Rock Creek Montana Sapphires are cherished for their origin and the unique beauty they possess. These gemstones capture the natural allure of Montana's sapphire deposits.

12 pieces / 15.125 total carats / 1.260 average carats / AA+-AAA+ (85-95% clean)

Estimated Value: $265 - $295

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