Jedi Spinel

Jedi Spinel is a relatively new gemstone that has recently gained popularity among gemstone enthusiasts and collectors. It is a type of spinel first discovered in 2009 - a mineral that comes in a variety of colors. It is particularly prized for its electric pink to red hues, which can rival the color intensity of fine rubies.

What sets Jedi Spinel apart is its rarity and exclusivity. It is sourced exclusively from Myanmar (Burma), where it is mined in limited quantities. This makes it a highly coveted gemstone for those who want something unique and distinctive.

The name "Jedi Spinel" is said to have been inspired by the iconic lightsabers from the Star Wars franchise, due to the gemstone's intense and vibrant color. Its eye-catching pink to red hues make it an excellent choice for adorning jewelry, and it can add a captivating and striking look to any setting.

Overall, Jedi Spinel is a beautiful and rare gemstone that is sure to make a statement in any jewelry collection. Its stunning color and exclusivity make it a highly sought-after gemstone for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

10 pieces / 0.31 total carats / 1.4 - 1.9 x 1.7 mm

Estimated Value: $150 - $165

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