Cat's Eye Moonstone Cabochon

Extraordinary Cat's Eye Moonstone cabochon from Sri Lanka.  This gemstone exhibits chatoyancy, a silky band of light, resembling the slit eye of a cat, which moves across its surface when properly oriented or when light is directed towards it!  It has a sharp, and bright cat's eye effect, with a pleasing bluish/milky-white body color.

Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon, is renowned for its high-quality Cat's Eye moonstones. The country has a long history of moonstone mining, and its gemstone industry is known for producing some of the finest examples of this particular variety. Sri Lankan Cat's Eye moonstones are highly sought after due to their exceptional chatoyancy, color, and transparency.

6.095 carats / 11 x 8 x 8 mm

Estimated Value: $250-$265

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