Brazilian Lavender Quartz

The lavender quartz from Brazil is a stunning gemstone known for its beautiful color. This particular gemstone has been cut in a fantasy cut, which gives it an unusual and striking appearance.

The lavender quartz from Brazil is a type of amethyst that has been heat-treated to produce its distinct lavender color. The color can range from pale lilac to a deeper violet hue, depending on the intensity of the heat treatment.

This gemstone is also known for its exceptional clarity, making it a popular choice for jewelry designers and collectors alike. It has an eye-clean appearance, meaning it has no visible inclusions or blemishes when viewed with the naked eye.

Overall, lavender quartz from Brazil is a gorgeous gemstone that would make a perfect addition to any collection. Its unique cut and dreamy color make it a truly special and one-of-a-kind gemstone.

10.43 carats / 13 x 13 x 11 mm

Estimated Value: $275 - $295

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