Bolivian Ametrine

Scrumptious honey and grape emerald cut Ametrine from Bolivia. Eye clean beauty.

Ametrine is a unique and beautiful gemstone that is a natural combination of two minerals: amethyst and citrine. It exhibits both purple and yellow color zones, making it a captivating and striking gemstone. 

Ametrine is formed when amethyst and citrine occur in the same crystal. This phenomenon is relatively rare in nature and typically occurs when the conditions during crystal growth change, causing its bicolor appearance.

*Please note that all our photography is done with a 10x macro lens so you might see things in the photographs that you will not see with the unaided eye.*

6.19 carats / 14.2 x 9.9 x 6.33 mm 

Estimated Value: $225 - $245

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