Ancient Glass of The Silk Road

Fragments of iridescent ancient glass from the Kushan Empire (1st century bce - 3rd century ce).  

It's so fun to imagine what their original forms were intended to be.

5 pieces / 35.29 total grams

Estimate: $235 - $250

We decided to stock these because they are just so darn cool! They could be cabbed, fantasy cut and maybe some of the thicker pieces could be faceted. They can certainly be wire-wrapped or kept on a special shelf as a conversation starter. Whatever you decide to do, they will certainly stand out as a gorgeous piece of history.

In ancient times, glass was a rare and precious material reserved for the wealthy.  This 2000 year old glass represents a milestone for humanity - the beginning of glassblowing. 

Originally destined for trade on the Silk Road - Hold a piece of history that has traveled thousands of years and miles.

*** Please note: The iridescence forms naturally as it absorbs minerals from the matrix around it and is on the surface only

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