Mahenge Garnet and Diamond Ring

Mahenge Garnet and Diamond Ring  

Mahenge Garnets were discovered in 2016 and quickly became popular due to their high brilliance and open pink and peach color.  Unfortunately, the supply has now been virtually exhausted. Only the occasional stone is found by gold miners working the ancient river beds in Mahenge Tanzania.  The rough for this particular stone was procured by the owner of Gem Dragon Auctions on one of his buying trips to Mahenge during 2017-2019. Faceted into a highly desirable round of 1.10 carats by our master cutters in Bangkok Thailand. Set in 14k yellow gold and accented by 4 natural diamonds.  A delicate and sophisticated ring suitable for any occasion.

From Earth to finished jewelry - Gem Dragon Auctions is there from the dirt to the glitter. 

We provide unwavering support to the miners who find our raw stones and select only the finest rough to cut. 

Our rough is faceted to our exact specifications and only then do we work with experts to design our heirloom quality jewelry. Gem Dragon Auctions ensures that the highest standards of quality and care are followed at every step in the process. 

Our meticulous attention to every detail means only the finest elements are brought together to create jewelry to be passed from generation to generation.

Size 6- which is the most common women's ring size.

We can help facilitate re-sizing if needed

Estimated Value: $2200 - $2350

Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00 with

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